We have put together a list of the top 10 things that we are most frequently asked by our clients. Of course, if you have any questions about our service and products please call us on 020 8428 8153 or 0784 503 9331 or use the contact form below.

  1. What is better, a walk-in shower or a shower enclosure?
  2. For cleaning it's easier to have a walk-in shower – there's a lot less aluminium and less glass. However, as there is more work and more materials involved, the cost is around £1,200 more than a shower enclosure and a shower tray.

  3. Are hanging toilets secure?
  4. Of course, but it must hang on a frame. A frame is designed to support 227kg.

  5. Do we have enough water pressure for a shower?
  6. We always check the water pressure before we design your bathroom and advise the best approach if you don’t.

  7. Can you move the toilet to a different location?
  8. The majority of times it is possible, but it depends on which direction the joists are fitted and where the main stuck pipe is. We will do what we can within these constraints, but we will never advise you to attempt something that is not possible.

  9. Do you take away the redundant materials?
  10. Yes, we do almost every day, we endeavour, whenever possible, not to leave them outside your property.

  11. Can you move the door of the bathroom to another position?
  12. Yes, we can and repair all the damage and re-decorate.

  13. During the works will we have a working toilet in the evenings?
  14. Yes. If you don’t have another toilet in the house we will leave a clean and working toilet every day.

  15. How long will the work take?
  16. A full bathroom refurbishment, with one bath and a shower above, toilet, hand basin, tiling, new lights, fan and decoration, takes approximately 10 working days. We don't work Saturdays unless necessary.
    A bathroom with a walk-in shower in the same bathroom will take around 13 to 15 days.

  17. Will my carpet be protected?
  18. Our first task when arriving at your home is to line out the passage from the front door to the work site with plastic sheeting.

  19. Do you have insurance?
  20. We have £2 million pounds of public liability insurance.

  21. How long do you guarantee the works?
  22. 36 months.

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