Shades of Grey

Project Details

Barnes, Richmond
Walin-in shower and freestanding bath
12 working days
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Project Description

This project (one of our favourites at The Bathroom Workshop), overlooking the Thames in the heart of Barnes, Richmond, involved the transformation of an outdated Victorian bathroom into a modern and elegant double feature bathroom with an Imperial freestanding bath and a walk-in shower adorned by Breton Epoque tiles to conserve the balance between the modern and contemporary. The balance of greys across the bathroom from the tiles to the bath and vanity unit help to create depth whilst keeping with the latest bathroom fashion.

Our designers first met with the Chapmans to discuss what they wanted to achieve from their new bathroom. Although they had already discussed different layout possibilities with other bathroom fitters, these plans only ever consisted of a single bath or shower within the bathroom which was not what the Chapmans wanted to achieve from the redevelopment. Our designers took the appropriate measurements of the original bathroom and surveyed the original plumbing and electrical situation before returning to our offices to begin creating plans to accommodate the Chapmans needs.

After considering the layout of the joists running under the floor of the bathroom, the team worked out that it would be possible to accommodate for both a walk-in shower and a freestanding bath without leaving any external and unpleasant boxes or steps within the bathroom. Additionally, we once again used our experience in general construction to figure out a way in which to fit niches within the external wall by installing reinforced concrete lintels above each lintel, this would allow for extra storage of bathroom products within the already compact bathroom. The team then presented the plans and 3D renders to the Chapmans who were immediately pleased with the effectiveness of the visual aid and our ability to think outside of the box.

A fixed price quote was then presented to the Chapmans who happily accepted and booked us in. Although our in-house interior designer was not used in this instance the fittings were ordered through our catalogue due to the ease of having us oversee all deliveries and storage.

Our Approach

Our team began by fitting the appropriate coverings to the walls and floors so as to protect our client’s home from any damage. The air extracting system was then installed, to remove as much dust as possible from the atmosphere within the client’s home.

The team then began stripping the bathroom down to its most basic form. This involved removing the existing tiling, plasterboard, plywood flooring and all existing fittings. Once bare our in-house plumber and electrician commenced the first fit plumbing and electrics. This involves updating all piping and wiring within the bathroom, as well as adapting it all to suit the new layouts and features within the bathroom. Once complete, the team started building the partition which would encase the Grohe wall hung toilet frame as well as the built-in storage above the toilet (this was then hidden with a bespoke mirror door – provided by The Bathroom Workshop). The next stage involved preparing the floor for the walk-in shower. This involves connecting the in-line waste, fitting OSB boards between the joists and above the joists. The next stage involves sealing the floor for the shower with a fiberglass resin which is extended 300mm up the wall. This creates an impermeable seal which is guaranteed to last up to 25 years. The plasterboard was then fitted to all of the walls and the team then applied Ardex pro-tanking to the shower walls to further seal the walk-in shower. After installing the internal shower mixer kit and fitting all of the moisture resistant plasterboard to the rest of the bathroom the team prepared the floor for tiling which involved fitting the underfloor heating kit and fitting securing backer board to the new OSB boards. The floor and walls were then tiled, creating the appropriate slope for the walk-in shower. The final stages of the build involve decorating, grouting and installing all of the bathroom fittings (Shower mixer, toilet, freestanding bath etc). The team then test all of the fittings to make sure they are all working correctly and the finished bathroom is presented to the client.